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    21 Bachelor Pad Tricks That Will Up Your Game

    Man cave, manland, mantuary, or manspace — whatever you call it, chances are your home could use some help from the pros. Homepolish, a NYC-based home design firm with designers nationwide, recommends these easy ways to create an epic bachelor pad without spending a fortune.

    1. First, identify the main function of your apartment.

    2. Avoid cliché color patterns.

    Break up monotonous colors with neutrals.

    3. Fluorescent light is not sexy.

    Invest in task lamps.

    4. Upgrade Your Hamper.

    5. Change those sheets!

    6. Banish the TV from the bedroom.

    7. Don't buy white towels.

    Buy towels in darker colors, like navy or charcoal.

    8. Ditch the Solo Cups.

    Invest in wine glasses.

    9. You can never have too many books.

    10. Paint your bedroom a deep, sexy color.

    11. Banish those ugly CD and DVD racks.

    12. Buy an area rug.

    13. It looks weird when all of your furniture comes from the same place.

    14. Ditch the framed sports jerseys.

    15. Put it in a frame.

    16. Cover your windows.

    17. Get a candle.

    18. Get a killer sound system.

    19. Buy hand soap.

    20. Don't buy this lamp.

    21. Lasty, throw out the empty liquor bottles.