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12 Life-Changing Ways To Eat Eggs In 2016

"Just give me all the eggs you have."

1. Cheesy Bacon and Egg Crumpets

2. Skinny Omelette Wraps With Salmon and Feta

3. Mexican-Style Eggs Benedict

4. Green Shakshuka

5. Bacon, Potato, and Pepper Frittata

6. Baked Spinach Eggs

7. Egg Foo Yung

8. Pancetta and Chive Eggy Bread

9. Spinach, Egg, and Red Pepper Pizzas

10. Quiche in a Cup

11. Creamy Mushroom and Pea Spanish Omelette

12. Rainbow Vegetable and Egg Bake

So, there are never-ending ways to get more eggs into your life. Check out even more recipes here, at Homemade.

Wanna get a handle on the basics first? Check out this video:

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