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    17 Abandoned Mediterranean Places

    Buildings transformed by time and sunshine.

    What could be better than visiting a grand chateau or hilltop villa? Visiting one that's pitted with decay, that's what. Time may ravage grand buildings, but in the process it conjures a different kind of beauty – one that pokes through the cracks and glints between the fractured shards of stained glass. Abandon a place for a few decades and wondrous things start to happen...

    1. Castello di Sammezzano, Italy

    2. Varosha, Cyprus

    3. Château Lumiere, France

    4. Canfranc, French/Spanish border

    5. Château Du Cavalier, France

    6. Kayakoy, Turkey

    7. Sanatorium Forêt, France

    8. Villa De Vecchi, Italy

    9. Villa Pusterla-Crivelli, Italy

    10. Asinara Prison, Italy

    11. Deep Valley of the Mills, Italy

    12. OGR Factory, Italy

    13. White Rocks, Malta

    14. Vathia, Greece

    15. Consonno, Italy

    16. Gavros, Greece

    17. Abandoned House, Turkey

    Written by Kai Sedgwick, a travel writer for