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10 Things You Definitely Do If You Hate Going On Vacation Without Your Pet

Woof. Traveling without your soulmate is tough. Luckily, Home2 Suites by Hilton has you and your pet covered.

1. Taking forever to say goodbye to your good boy or girl.

2. Seeing your perfectly made bed and realizing no one was there to sneak on top for a snooze while you were out.

3. Going for lonely walks on the beach sans your BFF.

4. Hearing the phantom purr of your cat while lounging in your suite.

5. Calling your domesticated darling so they can hear the sound of your voice.

6. Swiping through the awesome photos you've been taking and seeing one of (*holding back sob*)...them.

7. Feeling a bit bad that you enjoyed your time under the rain showerhead without hearing scratching on the bathroom door.

8. Seeing a pet that looks even a little bit like yours and absolutely losing it.

9. Buying a ridiculous animal-sized souvenir.

10. Coming home and getting an all-expenses-paid guilt trip.

On your next trip, stay with Home2 Suites by Hilton where pets are welcome. Because it just isn’t vacation without your bestie.