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5 Fun Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

There are different dog breeds all over the world. Some breeds are unique and only found in some specific countries. Yorkshire Terriers is one of them, and it is familiar with a unique outlook. They are so adorable. Most of the people like this breed for hair style. Yorkshire Terriers hairstyle is different from any other dog breeds. You can give different hair styles to a Yorkshire Terriers. There are also some other fun facts about this breed of dog. Today, I will share some of them.

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1. Loyalty

We all know that dogs are popular for their loyalty. But which one is the best in this sector? The German Shepherd is obviously loyal, but Yorkshire Terriers are more loyal than other breeds. That is the main reason why people try to afford them. Also, they will understand you than any other dog breeds.

2. They Were Rate Runner / Via

Today, a lot of people have this breed as a pet. But this breed is not the oldest breed of dog. The first one was born in the mid of 1800. On that time, this was not a pet. People have used this dag as a rat catcher. There were so many textile mills on that time. Yorkshire Terriers worked to catch those rats to keep the mills clean.

3. Father of the First Yorkshire Terriers

As I already mentioned that, this breed is not an old breed, so the father of the first Yorkshire was a Show Champion. Most of the people don’t know this information at all. However, after the first one, there are different dogs which have used for this breed.

4. Naming of Yorkshire / Via

Though we currently know this breed as Yorkshire, previously it was known as something else. When this dog comes to England for the first time, they were well-known as broken-haired Scotch terriers. This name stayed for at least ten years. Then a reporter proposed that this name should be changed. He said though the dog has come from Scotland, it became popular after coming to Yorkshire.

5. Yorkshire Terriers have Beauty Contest

Because of a unique hairstyle, different countries arrange the beauty contest for this breed. So many people take part in those competitions with their Yorkshire dogs. You will be surprised after enjoying a contest. There are a lot of hairstyles that people give to their favorite dogs.

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