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    10 Signs The Movie Titanic Was Actually Set At A Hanson Show

    A really successful 1997 isn't all that Titanic and Hanson have in common.

    1. Jack appreciates the value of free tickets.

    2. And the rush of standing front and center with nothing in your way.

    3. That time Rose paraphrased Isaac's "Watch Over Me" speech.

    4. Or when she figured out how dangerous it is to let go of the barricade.

    5. Jack knows exactly what to do when Taylor starts "If Only."

    6. There's this motto of every camper:

    7. Then that time in Jamaica when Taylor took Jack's advice.

    8. And we won't go down.

    9. This moment.

    10. And if you still weren't sure by the end, Rose throwing her old Hanson CD into the ocean is a pretty big giveaway.