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Nelson Makamo's Top 5 Places

The top 5 places in the world from the man who paints dynamic faces.

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Nelson Makamo / Via

South African Artist Nelson Makamo has exhibited globally, far and wide, from South Africa to France, Italy, the United States, Netherlands and even Scotland. He recently previewed his work at London's Gallery of African Art (GAFRA ) .

The Gallery of African Art (GAFRA) - The Souls Of Azania exhibit, which highlights Makamo’s admiration for his homeland and its future dreamers – the children.

With this in mind it was a great opportunity to have a quick catch up with the artist at his GAFRA London VIP launch to reveal five favourite places in the world that inspire him …

1. Paris, France: "For its fashion... for its culture"

2. Cape Town : "South Africa's beautiful port city on the southwest coast, a wonderful tourist destination"

3. Milan, Italy : "Another inspiring Fashion Capital "

4. Johannesburg : "I have lived there is a vibrant and passionate city"

5. Modimolle : " My beautiful home town really is top of the list - the word means The God has eaten, always in my heart, and only 2 hours from Johannesburg but a lifetime away..." >>> The Dynamic South African Artist Nelson Makamo's Souls of Azania" Exhibition from 23rd June - 9th September 2017 at London's Gallery of African Art (GAFRA)

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