11 Signs Your Mom Might Be Reading ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

If your Mom has been acting a little “funny”… we know why…

1. She comes home from “Book Club” sweaty and bow legged

2. She has started to wear leather pajamas

4. When walking past her bedroom, you can hear her tell your Dad to “Sign here, initial here.”

5. Her Facebook hobbies now include “sitting on the washing machine”

6. Insists that when you speak to her, you speak directly to her “Inner Goddess”

7. Suddenly loves commenting on how it’s “the wettest summer she can remember”

8. When you dad says your Mom can’t come to the phone because she’s “tied” up

9. Every time your father yawns, she shoves a ball gag in his mouth

10. The family dog collar keeps disappearing

11. Your dad is happier than ever. Like the saying goes, “Behind every Happy Dad, is an out of breath Mom clutching a weathered copy “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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