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Ellie Patrikios On FX TV Series ‘Snowfall’ 7.18.2017

Actress Ellie Patrikios appears in the FX Series 'Snowfall'.

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On July 5 FX TV released its new TV series “Snowfall”, an American crime drama created by John Singleton, Eric Amadio and Dave Andron. The series gets deep in the infamy of the crack cocaine epidemic and its ultimate radical impact on culture. The premier of FX’s new drama received a total of 3.23 million views and is already becoming a hit. We caught up with one of the stars from Snowfall including, Ellie Patrikios to answer some questions.

Q. Tell us more about the show?

A: It’s a great story finally being told, set in LA during the 1980’s and there’s a real cloud of mystery about the cocaine story and how it spread. All the characters come from different walks of life. Government officials and characters from the underworld all trying to find themselves. Cocaine seems to be a means to an end, or an end to all means. It does not glamorize the drug business but it illustrates it in a way that makes it beautiful and interesting. What makes it exciting is the way the incredible team have managed to capitalize the core of history in a method that can respond to anyone in the world with fact and understanding.

Q. Who do you play in the show?

A: Bridgette. Rob’s Volpe’s girlfriend.

Q: What was it like playing Bridgette in Snowfall ?

A: The most fun I have had! It’s a real privilege, and an intoxicating adventure to be a part on this incredibly exciting production. I learned many new things, and I was captivated by the productions overall ethic (the best I have witnessed). The directors were above and beyond exceptional, allowing Bridgette to express herself truthfully, in the moment.

Q: What is your character about?

A: Bridgette is a young sexy glamorous 80’s girl, dating Rob Volpe who get caught up in the cocaine epidemic. She takes part in wild parties and I guess you have to keep watching it to see what happens next.

Q: What was it like working with a big team in the production?

A: Highly inspiring, motivating, and exhilarating in every way possible. A Performer’s dream to work with a great cast, ensemble--the inside and out handsome, driven and committed internationally acclaimed directors, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the incredible production team who busted a sweat to make this the best show. Furthermore, the lifetime friendships, with incredibly, talented, and true individuals like Damson who is also from the UK! Funny Fact —(I didn’t believe he was from the UK for an entire 48 hours - because even off set he would speak to me with a legitimate American accent—so, when he did speak with his own, I thought he was mocking me!).

Q: How do you feel about the great reviews the show has received so far?

A: I am not surprised in the slightest. Snowfall has the hardest working, sweat busting team I have been humbled to work with. The reviews are a display of their efforts. Incredible, and will only get better!

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