19 Times "Elf" Was Literally You Studying For Finals

    Son of a NUTCRACKER.

    Ah, December. A magical time of year filled with candy canes, sugar plum fairies, and CRIPPLING STRESS.

    All you want to do is to bake cookies and get into the holiday spirit...

    But you're quickly realizing there's A LOT to do before you can go home for winter break.

    Your assignments are all hitting you all at once...

    And you're feeling some #ragrets about procrastinating for so long.

    You need the extra points, so you're probably dropping into your professor's office hours for the first time ~ever.~

    And sucking up to your TA's as much as possible.

    You're stress eating like there's no tomorrow.

    And you've developed a physical dependency on caffeine.

    You're secretly hoping someone hits you with their car so you can get out of studying.

    Perhaps you've even mouthed the words, "pay my tuition, bitch."

    At this point, you don't even know HOW to study.

    You're searching for motivation like:

    But also peeking at your grades and realizing you need to pass the final like:

    But studying is HARD and no one seems to feel bad for you.

    Good news though, at the end of your cram sesh is a nice little treat called "the exam."

    So study hard.

    Pay attention in your review sessions...

    And wave goodbye to your social life.

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