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    Eco-Friendly Valentines Day Gifts For Your Earthy S.O.

    It's sexy to care.

    1. SenseEcuador Roses, $44

    Fair Trade Certified

    ICYMI, red roses are out and sunset roses are in. SenseEcuador provides premium quality roses grown in the eco-friendly highlands of Ecuador. They're Fair Trade Certified and ship free anywhere in the U.S.

    2. Heart-Shaped Succulents, $19.99

    Pro Flowers / Via

    3. Terralite Rice Bran Candles, $10

    Fair Trade Certified

    Six Fair Trade Certified tealights come with two reusable tins made of recycled steel. Whether you're setting the mood for you and your S.O. or treating yourself to a luxurious bubble bath, these babies will burn for eight sensual hours.

    4. Nourish Organic Rejuvenating Rose Butter, $16.99


    This luxurious, Fair Trade Certified blend of rose hip seed oil intensely hydrates skin and absorbs quickly to improve texture and tone. Use it on dry areas or massage into a partner for some ~organic~ fun.

    5. All Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy, $32.98

    Hankey / Via

    6. Patagonia's Fair Trade Certified Fleece, $49


    Snuggle up in one of Patagonia's ethically sourced fleece quarter-zips, or make a donation through Patagonia Action Works (a digital platform that connects consumers with local grassroots activism opportunities) in your partner's name.

    7. Herb Growing Kit, $25

    Planter's Choice / Via

    8. A Yoga Mat Made of Recycled Wetsuits, $79

    Suga Mats / Via

    9. A Bottle of Organic Cabernet, $13

    Organic Wine / Via

    10. A Minimalist Sea Glass Necklace, $17

    Little English Jewelry / Via