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    Oct 26, 2017

    13 Halloween Costumes For Women That Are Better Than Slutty Cat

    With limited options for women, BuzzFeed comes to the rescue.

    1. Feeling something relaxed? Try Merideth Palmer's "casual day" look.

    Courtesy of Madison Rivas / Via Instagram, @Rivasbeevus

    2. Or this group costume featuring everyone's favorite tot-eating trio.

    PinImg / Via

    3. Feeling nostalgic? Make this #throwback snapchat filter costume you can create with construction paper.

    Oh Happy Day / Via

    4. Be a very punny "sugar mama."

    Good Housekeeping / Via

    5. If that last one made you say "as if," go as Cher from Clueless.

    Courtesy of Britni Birt / Via Instagram, @Brittybirt

    6. Get ~topical~ and go as Blue Ivy.


    7. Get your girl gang together for some fruity fun (warning: 100% chance of grapes stealing the show).

    Courtesy of Elizabeth Cabello

    8. Or get in touch with your dark side with this easy Darth Vader costume.

    Courtesy of Briana Bain

    9. 70's baby? How about the Grateful Dead.

    Good Housekeeping / Via

    10. Or be half-a-virgin in half-a-shirt as Regina George.

    Pop Sugar / Via

    11. Put everyone else at the party to shame with this "Mackrelmore" costume.

    Brit + Co / Via

    12. Make ears bleed as "Nickelback."

    Brit + Co / Via

    13. Or be sexy and smart as a Freudian Slip.

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