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The Dynamite Guide To Finding Your Life's Purpose

For almost a decade, Napoleon and the crew have been proving that if you listen to your heart, all your wildest dreams will come true.

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Napoleon knows that life is all about having hobbies, interests, and skills, and putting them to good use. Artistic imagination drives him to adopt a wide range of activities and invest time in what matters most to him. He’s independent, but knows when to put his talents toward the efforts of others.


Being unemployed doesn’t mean you don’t have passion; Kip uses his time at home to connect with people through technology. He listens to his family and friends and takes into consideration what they suggest. Though he wasn't necessarily looking for romance, it found him anyway, because he was being true to himself. Now, when it comes to love, he’s the biggest believer there is.


No girl is out of his league, and no government office is out of reach. Pedro thinks through ways to show the public how he feels, overcomes shyness, and stuns with memorable gestures and statements. His mild demeanor is the opposite of his broad, optimistic ideas. With the support of his family, he goes with his gut to solve problems and earns success.


Sometimes is takes small steps to make a big dream a reality. Whether it’s saving money for college or pursuing a hobby, Deb takes the slow-and-steady approach to life. She cares about her friends, and has thoughtful perspective to share when they’re feeling blue. She is secure about herself, which strengthens her ability to remind people of their own qualities and highlight their inner beauty.

Uncle Rico

Living in the past probably isn’t the best way to progress, but it helps him confirm his vision for the future: football career, money, mansion, hot tub, soul mate. He’s willing to try almost anything for a second chance… even time travel, dangerous as it may be. He believes in his potential for high achievements, though his confidence may be mistaken for creepiness. Nevertheless, nothing will stop him on his quest to return to 1982.


A real woman doesn’t let anyone else define what love is; she finds it for herself. LaFawnduh falls in love with Kip through conversation—their love isn’t based on looks. It’s all about respect and appreciation for another person, common interests, and just being together. That’s the real thing.


He defined his own style of self-defense and has dedicated his life to sharing it with others. He also takes pride in his loyalty to his wife and protects and cares for her with all his patriotic heart.

In conclusion, to find your purpose:

- Develop skills

- Be honest

- Have confidence in your potential

- Believe in your dreams

"Just listen to your heart. That's what I do."

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