The 10 Stages Of Getting New Glasses

When you run into walls, it’s time.

1. You already wear glasses, and you totally own it.

2. But there comes a day when your prescription isn’t cutting it anymore. You know what you have to do.

3. You try to deny it, but you walk into walls and furniture. Your friends are concerned.

4. Admit it: You need new glasses.

5. You can’t fix this on your own, you need professional help.

6. Choosing frames is torture, since you want to find a pair that perfectly reflects your unique personality.

7. At first, a new pair feels weird and gives you a headache.

8. You feel like you’re in a fishbowl and fear you’ll never adjust to these new lenses. And why did you pick these ridiculous frames?!

9. But then the miracle happens: COMPLIMENTS. People notice your new specs, and you love the attention. Plus, new/improved vision is kicking in.

You know you look good, and you literally look better. In general, things are looking up.

10. You’re back to rocking your glasses. Work it.

Why did you ever resist?

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