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Signs That You Live Paycheck To Paycheck

No judgment here because I’ve shamefully been living paycheck to paycheck from college graduation to present: five years later. It’s not only a lifestyle, it’s survival.

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Knowing exactly when your next payday is and getting way more excited about it than any of your friends

Looking like this on payday morning

Looking like this a week after your check and a week away from your next check

Looking like this the day before pay day

Thinking about the holidays

Scheming of ways to earn more cash

Making sure your holiday wish list is full of items you need and can’t afford

Thinking of your birthday

Remembering your tax refund in the spring

Opening up a credit card to have some guilt-free spending (BAD idea guys)

Making some interesting food choices to save money

Thinking you’re doing okay until a mysterious Netflix bill shows up on your bank statement

Calling the bank to argue about a ghastly and unfair $5 fee

Acting rich on payday and buying everyone drinks at the bar

Swearing off bars and the mall for at least two months

Attempting to make a budget to control your finances

Being proud when you realize you’ve been doing this all on your own as a new adult and haven’t asked anyone for help

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