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12 Ways To Use Apples After Picking Them

...because you just HAD to get that third bushel basket full of apples. (Click on images for recipes)

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3. Cloves-in-Apple

It was a good day that time in 2nd grade when we made these during arts and crafts. They smelled so good that I would make them at home all the time, year round. I'm sure my mother was thrilled that I would constantly deplete the household supply of cloves. Sure it's not a beautiful centerpiece, but hide one in the kitchen and everyone will be asking you what that heavenly smell is.

4. Crockpot Apple Cider

Very easy, smells wonderful. You can serve chilled or warm. Surprise your guests and put some apple schnapps or rum in it! For those dying to get rid of their apples, garnish drinks with an apple slice.

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8. Apple Centerpiece

There are approximately 947 different ways to make an apple centerpiece. I've seen apples in vases, apples on cupcake stands, apples lined up nicely on a table runner. Whatever floats your boat, run with it.

11. Bob For Apples

Think about the last time you bobbed for apples. The laughter, the tears. Incorporate your childhood memories by bringing a bucket and a hefty amount of your apples to your next Halloween party, have races with your friends, and watch hilarity ensue.

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