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    12 Signs You're Really Into Your Book

    Dedicated to all you book worms out there.

    1. Actually attempting to read at work or school without getting caught

    2. Spending your lunch break reading and at peace

    3. Getting to a good part when you should be sleeping

    4. Seeing the time at night after saying "just one more chapter" several times

    5. Finally putting down the book and falling right asleep

    6. Saying goodbye to your social life temporarily so that you can continue your book

    7. Not understanding why everyone else around you isn’t reading!

    8. Talking only about your book whenever an opportunity arises to talk to someone else

    9. Getting to a really good part...

    10. ...and sometimes getting to a not-so-good part.

    11. That moment when you're finished with the book...

    12. ...and the joy of starting another.