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11 Types Of People You Meet In Seattle

Our city's filthy

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1. The Hipster


In a city with constantly changing music and art (did they mention they liked Macklemore before he was famous?), the Seattle hipster has moved beyond fedoras and ironic facial hair and turned hipsterdom into an art form. I mean, if you haven’t worn an old-fashioned typewriter as an accessory, I almost don’t trust you.

2. The Environmentalist


The environmentalist is usually seen walking around in the standard-issue uniform: short hair, green/orange/brown eco-friendly clothing and sports sandals even at dressy events or in the pouring rain. The less hardcore of the environmentalist’s brethren will drive cars, but only if they’re Subaru station wagons with Obama 2008/2012 stickers on them.

3. The Tourist


Seattle isn’t as much of a tourist trap as other U.S. cities, but go to the first Starbucks, the Space Needle or the Post Alley gum wall and you’ll find the non-locals. Or just wait for it to start raining and see who says “It’s pretty, but I don’t think I could handle it raining all the time.”

4. The Protester

Rain or shine, good times or bad, this person is OUTRAGED and he/she want you to hear all about it. Usually seen crowding Westlake with similarly angered friends holding colorful signs warped from water with the ink running down the front.

5. The California Transplant

The California transplant most likely came to Washington for college and never left because we’re so awesome, but that doesn’t stop them from talking about California all. the. time. and informing the locals how things are done “back home.” We get it, Los Angeles is hella cool. Now stop complaining about the rain.

6. The Local Sports Enthusiast


We may not always win, but our local sports enthusiasts are loyal. Head-to-toe Seahawks and Sounders gear is not an uncommon sight all over the city. Can’t find a fan? Locate your nearest bar and make sure to mention Super Bowl XL and where you were when it was announced the Supersonics were heading to Oklahoma City. R.I.P. 1967–2008

7. The Techie


Seattle and its suburbs are home to tech giants including Microsoft and, and it draws a creative crowd fond of collared shirts and the occasional sweater vest. If you can’t find them, they’re off being cooler and richer than you at one of the tech compounds.

8. The Street Corner Artists

Whether it’s a man juggling guitars or a guy hula hooping while playing the harmonica, it’s hard to walk around Downtown Seattle without running into a memorable street performance.Crowd favorite? Man that dresses his cat in matching sweaters and plays piano.

9. The Coffee Snob


Despite Seattle being home to some of the nation’s most popular coffee brands, the coffee snob has to make a show of not drinking Starbucks, even if their small coffee shop-made latte costs just as much.

10. The Grunge Fan


The grunge fan just cannot accept that Kurt Cobain is dead, the 1990s ended more than 10 years ago, and that long, messy hair on men isn’t appropriate work attire. But fear not, grunge lovers, because plaid flannel will never go out of style in the Pacific Northwest.

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