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    • hollyh9

      Exact same? You have got to be kidding me.
      I don’t even know where to begin with how flawed that argument is, not to mention extremely offensive. 11 million innocent people were systematically killed in Nazi death camps. Israel might not be taking the best approach to the situation, but they certainly aren’t out for innocent lives. They are out to get Hamas leaders. Is this air strike going to solve anything? I would say most definitely not and would probably argue that it’s counterintuitive. But the country is defending itself against an actual threat. Yes the iron dome stops some of the rockets from killing innocent Israeli civilians, but there have been hundreds of injuries and several deaths over the years. The government is supposed to protect its people. Last I checked, the Jews, homosexuals, and the physically and mentally handicapped weren’t firing rockets into the backyards of German citizens before the Nazis demeaned, starved, tortured and brutally murdered them all.

    • hollyh9

      Israel has the right to defend herself.Idon’t condone violence, or war, but something needs to be done. What has been done to Israel, and the people of Israel, has been left out of this article. If what happens onadaily basis in Israel happened to the US,Ithink that people would react differently. Israel isatiny country in the Middle East. It is about the size of New Jersey. Like E. Fitz said in his comment, basically every other country in the Middle East wants to see Israel’s demise. Hamas leaders often use innocent Palestinian civilians (children and the elderly included) as human shields. That’sahuman rights crisis. Is the IDF perfect? Absolutely not. ButIthink their actions in this case are completely justified and it’s totally unfortunately that innocent lives were taken in the process. By the way, I’m notaZionist.Isee the errors of both sides.Ijust don’t understand how Israel is expected to sit back and not defend herself against terrorism. There’saserious double standard here.

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