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    • hollyd10

      This girl has confidence and that is wonderful!Iagree with Robin above, it’s just not healthy. Big is not beautiful, it’s rather gross and most stores do cater to the larger population. Voluptuous women are gorgeous, but the above girl goes beyond that into unhealthy and unattractive.Ireally enjoy going intoastore and finding clothes that actually fit me. Any other storeIhave to sift through tons of clothing thatIcould wrap around my body twice before findingasize that is close to fitting. Thank you to A&F for offering smaller sizes!
      Not everyone is the same size. Large men shop at big and tall… Not every store needs to cater to every size person. Maybe the guy is an ass, butIstill thank him for offering smaller sizes in his store when there are not many that do. (I’ve been tiny my entire life-I’m 4’ 11” and 95lbs and ama00 size which is nearly impossible to find).Ireally don’t know why this is an issue. If you are insulted, don’t shop there. There are plenty of other stores to shop at that do offer larger sizes…

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