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What A Girl Wants

Valentine's day is fast approaching and time is running out. Have you pulled out all the stops for your girlfriend? Year after year the expectation of valentine's day grows. It is no longer about a simple card to tell your other half how much you love and adore them BUT to buy them lavish gifts in a bid to out do one another. This is NOT what a girl wants. Follow these simple steps and your valentine's day won't be so back guarantee.

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Gift Exchange

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EVERY girl likes to be treated. That doesn't mean you have to break the bank to treat her like a princess! A gift on valentine's day can be anything from a bunch of balloons to an enormously over sized teddy. It's the thought that counts! Personal gift's mean more to her than any expensive gift you could have bought. It shows you really know what she likes. Guaranteed to make her one happy girl.

DIY Hints & Tips

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"50 reasons why I love you" is the cheapest and easiest way to create a handmade gift that shows her all the different reasons why you love her without breaking the bank. Check you clever clogs! LINK to step by step tutorial below.


Food, Food & More Food

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It is a well known fact despite popular belief that girls like to eat too! So get yourself down to Marks and Spencer and indulge in the dine in of two for £20. Now compare that price tag to a five star restaurant...your getting off lightly "£££". Three course meal, box of chocolates and bottle of wine, what more could a girl want? Girls would prefer you to wine and dine her anyway! So for once make the effort to cook. After all it is only one day out of the year!

Bubbles...Both Kinds

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After a long day of gift opening and eating her body weight in food, there is nothing more relaxing than jumping in a roasting hot bubble bath.

Steps to achieve a bubble bath with a twist:

* Secretly go and run a bubble bath.

* Scatter red rose petals in and around the bath.

* 1 LARGE glass & 1 bottle of champagne left to the side.

* Light a handful of tea lights & dim the lights.

If successful bring your rubber duck...your joining!

F is for Flowers

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Red roses are one of the most iconic type of flower that can be given on valentine's day. There has been such a hype for these gigantic bouquets of roses that realistically are impossible to track down. Not mention impossible to keep all 1000 of them alive and watered! A simple rose will do nicely. If you really want to go the extra mile get a bunch of your girls favourite flowers -stand out from the roses- impress her that you remembered they are her favourite flowers.


Don't forget the card

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You have done so well up until now, so PLEASE do not forget to get her a card! You might think this is unnecessary and waste of money but in actual fact it is the most important step! This card let's you write down how you feel about your girlfriend. It also gives you the opportunity to write down all those "cute messages" girls hint to get all through the year. No doubt that card will be kept forever and will always put a smile on her face!

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