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    Friday Favorite Music Video: Calling All Captains

    I'm not a helicopter mom. I'm more of a progressive mom who wants their kids to learn how to do things so they can function in life when I'm not with them. Still, l worry about how disconnected my middle kid has become since getting a cell phone. How is she going to know how to make conversation when it's a real person in front of her instead of a screen? What if the power is out and she can't look up crafty ideas on Pinterest? She's going to miss out on so much in life unless she starts looking up once in awhile. The video by Calling All Captains is about a similar subject - missing out by being disconnected from people.

    Disconnected by Calling All Captains

    View this video on YouTube / Via Facebook: Callingallcaptainsband

    When asked about the video, Luc Gauthier of Calling All Captains responded: "Disconnected comes from being on the road, missing the important stuff, losing relationships, realizing that lots of the work as an artist is a slow grind to getting where you want to be, with self doubt following close behind. The video is about an artist struggling to move forward and has difficulties accepting some of the things in the past."