This Cat Might Be An Alien Who Wants To Take Over The World

Take me to your leader (for treats).

1. Meet Dr. Tickles. She is a “classy lady” cat who is relatively new to Instagram.

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2. Her bio says she is a “possible extraterrestrial” and that she enjoys “the idea of world domination.”

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I believe it.

3. She joined Instagram in April and has been sharing her fabulousness with the world ever since.

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5. She vogues.

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“If I fits, I vogue.”

6. Poses á la Rose DeWitt Bukater.

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“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

7. Investigates the “hooman” species.

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“Hey hooman… You didn’t really need any of these documents, right?”

“Throwback to that time I realized I can hypnotize hoomans.”

“I TOLD YOU HOOMAN I don’t know where your book is.”

10. Lounges.

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13. And just plain looks adorable and flawless.

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16. So hop on the Dr. Tickles bandwagon.

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She is obviously smarter than you — she has a doctorate for goodness sake.

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