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    The Definitive Ranking Of This Season's Girl Scout Cookies

    Be prepared. *Holds up three fingers*

    12. Cranberry Citrus Crisps

    Why the Girl Scouts of America think it's a good idea to pack an assortment of fruits into a whole grain cookie crisp is beyond me.

    11. Thank U Berry Munch

    Cranberries and white fudge in a cookie — no thank you. This cookie can only appeal to grandmothers.

    10. Do-si-dos

    Peanut butter sandwiched in between oatmeal cookies makes your mouth like you've been lost in the desert for weeks.

    9. Trefoils

    Probably the least exciting cookie when it comes to flavor, but it's a nice neutral cookie.

    8. Lemonades

    Basically a Trefoil, but with some zesty lemon icing. I can dig it.

    7. Chocolate Chip Shortbread

    The best shortbread option on the Girl Scout cookie menu, but still bland shortbread nonetheless. It's also gluten-free; how trendy!

    6. Savannah Smiles

    Powdered sugar is my jam, so I'm all for a lemon-bar inspired cookie covered in the stuff.

    5. Dolce de Leche

    Three words: milk caramel chips. Done and done.

    4. Thanks-A-Lot

    This cookie has a whole side covered in chocolate. Also, you get to learn how to say "Thank you" in multiple languages. Learning!

    3. Tagalongs

    My lanta, these cookies are amazing. They're like the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups of Girl Scout cookies, i.e. bangin'.

    2. Thin Mints

    Now I know it might be controversial putting Thin Mints as number two. That said, they are amazing, iconic cookies, and if you don't put them in the freezer before you eat them, then I can't even talk to you.

    1. Samoas

    THE MOST AMAZING COOKIE OF MY LIFE. Also delicious when frozen, these cookies are everything I want and more, and if you call them "Caramel deLites," I will straight punch you in the face.

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