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A Definitive Ranking Of The Boys Of Degrassi The Next Generation

My love for them goes there.

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*Disclaimer: This list only includes boys from Seasons 1-7, which is when the last of the original cast graduated (aka when I stopped watching). Also, Dean and Rick are not included because they are/were terrible people.

29. Mr. Raditch

The long-standing principal of Degrassi from seasons 1-4 was just a total buzz-kill. One of the only good things he did was give Liberty and J.T. detention together, which helped bring their romantic relationship to life.

26. Linus

The leader of the Friendship Club tried to help Spinner through his issues, but he eventually became way too close-minded and blinded by his faith when he says some choice words to Marco about his sexuality.

19. Damian Hayes

When Damian walked onto the scene, he was in hot demand. He hooked up with Manny on the night of J.T.'s death, and then later dated Emma. But then he cheated on Emma with Liberty at prom, so he was kind of a douche bag.

16. Griffin Pierce-Taylor

He joined the house of Paige, Ellie and Marco in season 7 as the exotic new roommate. He was pretty irresistible as Paige and Marco both crushed on him hard. He was also Question Mark on Radio Free Roscoe, so he's basically flawless.

14. Chris Sharpe

He was Emma's rebound after she broke up with Sean. He was an aspiring DJ and taught Emma how to loosen up after dating such a bad boy. I would be down to spin some records with him if it weren't for that unfortunate bucket hat.

9. Jay Hogart

Sure he gave Emma gonorrhea in the ravine, and dumped paint and feathers on Rick, which lead to the school shooting. He was kind of a dick, but he was also quick with the one liners, and you were always rooting for him to redeem himself. He even managed to win Manny's heart in the end.

8. Craig Manning

The ultimate womanizer and tortured musician of Degrassi. He was terrible to Ashley, Manny and Ellie, but he could also be kind of a sweetheart. He was also a great older brother to Angie, which was adorable.

6. Chester

Oh Chester. The cutie who was only on the show a handful of times, but he made his impression nonetheless. I would jeopodize my relationship with Spinner at a school dance for him (à la Manny season 4).

5. Peter Stone

Peter's introduction on the show was definitely pretty scummy (he posted a video of Manny flashing her boobs online), but he eventually becomes a better person. He helps Emma through her anorexic phase, and then goes on to date Degrassi stars who later went on to star on The CW, which I think just proves his attractiveness.

4. Spinner Mason

Spinner's Degrassi experience was quite a whirlwind. He starts out as the chunky friend of Jimmy's, moves up to become Paige's "Honey Bee," loses all social status and friends after his involvement in the "Rick Incident," and then is eventually redeemed. Spinner's curly locks and pet names for Paige circa season 3 cemented my crush on him forever.

2. Marco Del Rossi

Marco is the epitome of the unattainable gay man. He's such a great friend, has good morals and sticks up for what he believes in. Sure, he's had some interesting facial hair choices in the past (soul patch), but he is still amazing, and I want to be his best friend.

1. Sean Cameron

The bad boy with a heart of gold. He's just so dreamy and tortured (we're just going to forget about that long hair moment), and I'm still bitter than he and Emma didn't end up together in the end. Oh well, maybe that means I can have him all to myself. Right?

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