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52 Thoughts You Have When Getting Your First Tattoo

"No ragrets."

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1. The time has come — let's head to the tattoo parlor!

2. Oh my gosh, there are so many options on the walls.

3. Do people actually get some of these?

4. Looks a little elaborate....

5. Good thing I came in knowing what I wanted.

6. It costs how much??

7. Alright. It's worth it.

8. I just have to do it.

9. Oh my god, I'm getting nervous now.

10. I wonder how many people have gotten the same kind of tattoo as the one I want.

11. I wonder how much the artist will judge me on my tattoo.

12. I wonder how much she'll judge me if I cry.

13. That has to be pretty common, right?

14. Now she is leading me to another room.

15. At least if I cry nobody else will see.

16. Okay, the blueprint is on my skin.

17. Last chance to back out.

18. Oh my god she's holding the needle. Oh my god she's holding the needle.

19. These needles are safe, right?

20. I won't catch some kind of disease?

21. I should have taken that into consideration before I made it this far into the process.


23. Welp, no turning back now.

24. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.

25. You know this really does sting.

26. It's not as bad as I was expecting, though.


28. This is starting to get exhausting.

29. I think my nails will permanently leave a mark on this chair.

30. I hope my mom doesn't disown me.

31. Whatever, I'm an adult. She'll learn how to deal.

32. Power though it. Power through the pain.

33. It's done!

34. I'm afraid to look.

35. What if it turned out horrible?

36. How much is laser removal surgery?

37. Okay, I'm probably overreacting.

38. If this lady was horrible at tattoos, she wouldn't have this job.

39. Right??

40. Just look at it.

41. Aaaahhh it's perfect!

42. Wow I can't believe I just got a tattoo.



45. Wait, it's being covered up now.

46. Bye, bye tattoo! I'll see you soon bb.

47. Wow, there are a lot of things I have to do after this process.

48. Do I have unscented lotion at home?

49. I guess I need some anti-bacterial soap, too.

50. Looks like I'm stopping by the CVS on the way home.

51. But I don't care because I just got a tattoo!

52. Nothing can bring me down today!

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