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    Updated on Dec 7, 2018. Posted on Jun 16, 2014

    13 Reasons Why Jo Should Have Picked Laurie In "Little Women"

    You'll be sorry, Jo March!

    1. I mean, first of all, just look at him.

    Columbia Pictures

    Baby Christian Bale is a good Christian Bale.

    2. Laurie is the adorable boy next door that we all dreamed about.

    Columbia Pictures

    And Jo just took that for granted.

    3. Not only is he super cute, but he also super silly and endearing.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    He is more than happy to play dress up.

    4. He's also good at keeping secrets.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    He's so good at keeping secrets that he'll buy you a special mailbox just for your secrets (or apples).

    5. And when he's keeping secrets, he gets a sexy, mischievous look in his eyes.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    His beautiful, beautiful eyes.

    6. He's a great dancer.


    And if you're too embarrassed to dance in public (or you have a burnt spot on the back of your dress), he'll waltz with you in private.

    7. He won't make fun of you if you get a bad haircut.

    Columbia Pictures

    Especially if you actually sold your hair so you could buy your Marmie a train ticket to go see your injured, war veteran father.

    8. He's totally down to eavesdrop on juicy conversations with you.


    Can we say sexy partner in crime?

    9. He's totally rich.

    Columbia Pictures

    Girlfriend — if your family is struggling to make ends meet because your father is off at war, Laurie is OBVS the most logical solution to your problems.

    10. Not only is he rich, but he'll use his money to help make your dreams come true.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Jo, he said he would take you around the world and back again. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE?

    11. He'll get along swimmingly with your family.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    A man who can charm your family is sure to charm the pants off of you.

    12. Not only does he get along with your family, but he'll also look out for them.

    Columbia Pictures

    He's basically already a part of the family, so you should just marry him already.

    13. Basically, he is perfect.

    Columbia Pictures

    Why would you ever want to put that look on his face?

    Jo, how could you let AMY snatch him up??

    Columbia Pictures

    Even though you did end up with a fellow starving artist who is German and kind of cute too, I guess. Whatever.

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