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13 Reasons Why Jo Should Have Picked Laurie In "Little Women"

You'll be sorry, Jo March!

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7. He won't make fun of you if you get a bad haircut.

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Especially if you actually sold your hair so you could buy your Marmie a train ticket to go see your injured, war veteran father.


9. He's totally rich.

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Girlfriend — if your family is struggling to make ends meet because your father is off at war, Laurie is OBVS the most logical solution to your problems.

10. Not only is he rich, but he'll use his money to help make your dreams come true.

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Jo, he said he would take you around the world and back again. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE?

12. Not only does he get along with your family, but he'll also look out for them.

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He's basically already a part of the family, so you should just marry him already.

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