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10 TV Shows That Need To Be Added To Netflix Instant Streaming

To binge, or not to binge, that is the question. (And the answer to that question is always yes.)

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We all know that Netflix is a magical site that helps us procrastinate and catch up on all the hit shows that everyone is talking about. But there are so many shows that have been overlooked that need to be added to the Instant Streaming section ASAP.

1. Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros. / Via

I have only seen a handful of these episodes as re-runs on ABC Family, and I feel the need to learn about this mother-daughter relationship RIGHT NOW. Also, I hear the men are beautiful, and I don't hate that.

2. The OC

Fox / Via

It is a crime that this series isn't easily accessible to the world. The whirlwind of emotions and crises that happen to rich high school kids in the early 2000s should be seen by all. Also, Seth Cohen is a gift to the world that everyone should experience.

3. Veronica Mars

The CW / Via

Netflix should take note that their viewership would sky rocket if they put this series on Instant Streaming now that the movie is coming out so soon. Also, I want the ability to watch the epic Veronica-Logan kiss in high-res at any point in time.

4. The Mindy Project

Fox / Via

Yes, it is only on it's second season right now, but everyone should have the opportunity to catch up while it's still early in the series. Mindy is a goddess, and everybody should look up to her. Also: Danny Castellano.

5. Modern Family

ABC / Via

How is this not on Netflix yet? Modern Family has been around for awhile now, and everybody needs to learn Phil's words of wisdom, experience Cam's fabulous self and swoon over Manny's smoothness.

6. America's Next Top Model

The CW / Via

Everybody knows there are few better things in life than an ANTM season marathon on TV. Imagine what it would be like if you had access to ALL 20 SEASONS at one time. You wouldn't leave your bed for days, but it would be worth it.

9. The Real World/The Challenge

MTV / Via

Seven strangers picked to live in a house and create a crap-load of drama? Sign me up for that and the spin-off series that makes these strangers compete against other strangers for money.

10. Awkward.

MTV / Via

This massively popular MTV show really needs to be available to binge-watch because the amount of love triangles and relationship swaps in the show gets really confusing. I need the opportunity to refresh my memory of all this relationship history alone.

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