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Which Holland Are You?

The only stated requirement to being a Holland is that you have to have a sense of humor. So, with that trait being the only commonality in the family, we basically all differ on everything else. Find out which nutty Holland family member you are!

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  1. Are you more right-brained or left-brained?

    Right-brained! I love creating art through film-making, play-writing, you name it.
    Left-brained. Math comes pretty easily to me but I swear I'M NOT A NERD!
    Right-brained. I love making creative mementos for my family through Shutterfly and emphasized creativity through making my kids do creative projects when they were growing up.
    Ummmm I don't know but my Instagram is pretty artsy! Go like and comment on my latest pic.
    It's an almost even split between the two. I've always been creative and artistic, but I'm deeply ingrained in the concept of practicality and efficiency.
    Left-brained. Hit me with any argument, I'll pick it apart and tear it to pieces with my logical tactics.
  2. You turn on the television. What's your go-to?

    I don't watch television.
    Fox News.
    Put me in front of a TV and I'll watch anything.
    THE GAME!! Shit, I'm supposed to record it!
    Chopped. Or wait, Dyeyoung has uploaded another video! Time to tune in...
    My schedule's too busy to regularly tune into TV shows but I love watching movies.
  3. Are you funny?

    Sometimes I try to tell a funny story, but speak too quickly so that nobody understands the punchline.
    I may not be the one throwing jokes at the party, but I like to express humor through creating short films and making fun of Internet culture.
    You know what they miss all the shots you don't take. So in my case, I throw out a lot of jokes, with the hopes that at least one of them's funny.
    I'm not really a performer by any means, so with humor I prefer to laugh heartily at other people's jokes. Sometimes I become goofy and kid-like for no apparent reason, usually on road trips or late at night.
    Yes, my humor's pretty deadpan. I'll hold a joke straight-faced for a few seconds before cracking into a smile. Or sometimes, for fun, I don't even let on that it was a joke at all.
    My humor is mainly in the form of storytelling. When something embarrassing happens to me, I cringe in the moment but simultaneously think, "This'll be a good laugh later on..."
  4. What would happen to you in the Hunger Games?

    I'd use my incredible upper body strength to ascend the trees and stay out of harm's way.
    I don't even like board games so I'd avoid participating by hiding out for most of the games until only one other person was left. Then I'd jump out in an unexpected fit of rage and kill the last one.
    Oh I'd be great at this. I know all the facts for survival and I even have my trusty ol' book of weasels at my disposal!
    I'd use my persuasive nature to convince some of the other contestants to ally with me and split any rewards from winning the games. BUT I'd make sure I get 51% of the profits!
    I would engineer a weapon and utilize my tree-climbing abilities to attack the other contestants from above.
    I wouldn't be a contestant in the games but I would be posting Instagram updates of the competition to keep the public engaged!
  5. Pick the word most associated with you:

    Direct. I get to the point.
    Cheerful. I'm a very bright and happy person. I'm very easily pleased.
    Honest. I come off as odd to some people but I embrace it wholeheartedly. I also have an opinion for everything and I'm not afraid to say it. For example, cushions are stupid.
    Level-headed. I don't get too stressed out or impassioned over small things. I live a fairly easygoing life.
    Receptive. I'm very approachable and empathetic, so my friends often come to me for advice.
    All-knowing. I know every last update on every family member's life. I'm extremely good at finding things that are lost, keeping track of orthodontist appointments and remembering the names of everyone's friends.
  6. You're going on vacation and making a packing list. What are your essentials?

    A good camera to take cute photos!
    My yoga mat and all the pills I've neatly organized in a container.
    Lint roller, thermometer, food thermometer, 17 pairs of underwear...all the essentials! YOU CAN NEVER PACK TOO MANY THINGS, Y'KNOW??
    My soccer ball.
    A good book to read (and fall asleep) in the sun.
    As few things as possible, just enough to get by. I wouldn't pack any toiletries, I'll just buy travel-sized versions when I get there.
  7. What do you do in your spare time?

    Find great deals on Amazon.
    Hang out with my friends.
    Create short films.
    Make slime and do gymnastics!
    Play my guitar.
  8. If someone was trying to torture you, what would they do?

    Make me speak politically-correct for the rest of my life.
    Force me to sing and dance (oh wait, my family already makes me do that!)
    Force me to watch musicals where the characters sing EVERY DAMN LINE.
    Not allow me to wear anything black for the rest of my life.
    Force me to support Chelsea.
    Delete my Instagram.

Which Holland Are You?

You got: Jack

Logical, direct, and straightforward, you are most likely known as the "executive" in your social circle. You enjoy arguing, debating, and will go to endless means to make a point. You also have a wicked deadpan sense of humor and an affinity for fun and silliness. Due to your clear-cut nature, you despise political correctness and always stick by the facts. Your persuasive persona makes any argument or idea of yours convincing...maybe someday you'll convince everyone that Saint Motel's former name was ACTUALLY Saint Match.

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You got: Torye

Creative, supportive, and has the memory of an elephant. You have no problem not being in the center of attention, but behind the scenes you run the entire show. From managing everyone's schedules to remembering the name of your son's 3rd grade elementary school teacher, it is clear that without Mom this household would be nothing. You also have incredible upper body strength and will randomly decide to perform "crow", "tree" or "goat's foot" in the middle of the living room. You also have an alter-ego known as "the candy warden" where you become hyper, childlike, and goofy.

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You got: Daisy

The one who's not everyone's cup of tea. Your uniquely idiosyncratic quirks can be intense at times, but you always come as you are. While you are creative and artistic, your engineering background and affinity for logic and efficiency often puts your left and right brains at odds. Sometimes painfully honest, at your core you subscribe to set of rigid values and opinions that you're not afraid to express. You know what you like, but you DEFINITELY know what you dislike: shower gel, cushions, cookies, chocolate, TV, watching movies, and anything pumpkin spice.

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You got: Sarah

The introverted entertainer, the artist of the family, and most empathetic. You're not an attention seeker, but you've chosen a path that's constantly in the spotlight, which says a lot about your dedication and willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Whether you are making YouTube videos, acting on-stage, or writing plays--one thing's certain in that your passion drives you. You are caring, thoughtful, artistic, creative, and compassionate which makes you an interesting and devoted friend! While you aren't competitive at all your kind and receptive nature makes you a worthy addition to any group.

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You got: Owen

Athletic, level-headed, pragmatic, and calm, you are a pretty normal guy. Definitely not a nerd or a Chelsea fan that's for sure! While your main passion is soccer, you also like to mix it up a bit by performing your heart out in lip sync battles and rattling off useless facts from your various sources.

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You got: Ruby

Cheerful, optimistic, and ever so basic, you are the sunshine of the family. Your good-natured personality and fine-tuned knowledge of the current trends makes you very popular. You have many obsessions: Instagram, slime-making, cheerleading, gymnastics, the list could go on! You love sharing these hobbies with your friends whether it be in person or on social media.

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