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    • hobbitsp

      Ok, so you did missafew things.Idon’t even like beer, but Shiner dark is pretty darn good. You are probably too young to know how awesome Stevie Ray Vaughn was or who MA Ferguson was. When you travel to another part of the nation in the middle of summer and asakid you can’t getaBig Red — well, those are some sad days. But the Alamo, sweetie EVERYONE knows about the Alamo. Even people who don’t live in America.Iappreciate the effort though. It just proves that Texas is so big and so great that if you listed EVERYTHING, it would beabook. Thanks for making us all think about why we love Texas so much. And as for all the griping…well, that’s just Texans (and the other people…well we don’t care what they think anyway).

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