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10 Game Of Thrones Characters Who Went AWOL

When you play the Game - you win or you die....or you just go missing and then turn up again 2 seasons later...

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1. Gendry the Blacksmith

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True son of Robert Baratheon - the last we saw of handsome blacksmith Gendry was of him rowing off into the distance. After helping to rescue Arya and thwarting the Red Priestess, surely his role in the game isn't over is it? Or is it? Keep rowing Gendry...

2. Edmure Tully

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The most useless looking peace offering ever. Robb Stark's uncle was meant to pacify The Freys, but we know how that turned out.... Unlike poor Robb and Catelyn, it looked like he was whisked off to the (relative) safety of a Frey wedding bed..but was he? Where is he now? Admittedly, there's probably not much hope of this guy being anyone's saviour, but you never know

3. Brynden Tully (The Blackfish)

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Talking of the Tully's - this one went for the most well timed piss ever. A knight and well respected in The North, if there's one Stark relative Roose Bolton should be chasing up - it's this guy. But nope - we haven't heard anything from him in a while. Could he be hiding in some northern hole, waiting to emerge like a well timed rabbit to help one or other of the remaining Starks?

4. Rickon Stark

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Never under estimate the role the children of Westeros have to play. As the youngest Stark, he was often found trailing the others or sniffling into a corner somewhere. But don't forget, he was the one who saw something in the Crypt of Winterfell at the same time Ned was beheaded. He may have some developing powers yet..

5. Osha the Wildling


And accompanying Rickon somewhere safe (never quite figured out where) was the Wildling Osha. Bran got Hodor, but Rickon might have got the safer deal in this wily, clever and resourceful woman. We never heard from them at all once they split from Bran...but surely they're both still wondering around the countryside somewhere?

6. Beric Dondarrion


A Lord of Blackhaven and leader of the Brotherhood without Banners - this is a guy who got killed by The Hound - then came back to life. Last seen handing Gendry over to The Red Priestess, surely the man's ability to regenerate is almost like a mirror of the ice zombies? He must come back at some point surely? Especially as it would otherwise seem that his storyline (and potential Gendry's) was nothing more than a life lesson for Arya?

7. Thoros


And talking of the Brotherhood without Banners - what's happened to The Red Priest and Lord of Light who has the ability to help regenerate people? It seemed like The Red Priestess riding around with Stannis pulled rank, but as we're discovering, there seem to be quite a lot of different Priests and Priestesses around. Is he a defunct piece that's already been played - or does he have more to offer?

8. Woman in the Golden Mask

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I can't remember if she even turns up in more than one episode - but she gave Ser Jonah some sage advice to protect Daenerys - but hasn't been seen since. The fact that she wore the mask implies she had to hide her identity and if she had to hide her identity - surely that means she's someone important? Who is she? Will she be back?!

9. Yara Greyjoy


The cocky, hard as nails sister of Theon was last seen escaping with her life (a feat in itself) from that crazy bastard Ramsey. It seems like she's given up in rescuing the remains of that hapless younger brother - but she was still determined to make the most of the power vacuum left by The Starks. Will she still re-appear in the North at some point?

10. The White Walkers

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The first thing we ever saw on Game of Thrones was an unfortunate Knights Watchman discovering the horror of some scattered soon-to-be ice zombies. Since then we've been too caught up in the human politics to really get to grips with the threat of these guys.

What do we know? a) They're on their way - they passed Sam north of the wall a while ago. b) They do something with babies - turning them into one of them with magical powers c) They're not good with Obsidian - Sam is the only person so far to have destroyed one using a shard of the black glass like substance. d) They're bloody slow at moving. It's already been 5 seasons and they're still on their way. Even Sam has passed them for heck's sake

As the Game of Thrones series is all about the Fire and Ice - you can be pretty sure these guys are 'The Ice'...but when they come into play is yet to be discovered...

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