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Can Social Media Help with your Online Reputation?

Do you struggle with people following you on social media? Perhaps you are having issues with keeping customers and attracting new customers? If this is the case, you may be dealing with an issue with your online reputation.

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Can Social Media Help with your Online Reputation?

Your online reputation matters, despite what many people think. Many people are under the ideology that if they post online if they keep selling their service or product, that they are going to survive in the market. This is not the case! A bad online reputation may not affect you immediately, but you can believe it will affect later!!

3 Signs of a Poor Online Reputation

There are several signs of a poor online reputation, and it will take a little work to discover the truth. But, the hours you put into finding this out will better prepare for what to do now. A few signs that your reputation may be lacking include:

-You Google your name or your business name to find more negative reviews than positive reviews

-You notice a decline in sales of your product or service without any real reason as to why this is happening

-You start seeing that people are no longer following you on social networks, despite the fact you are posting new content daily

Turning Around your Online Reputation

Once an online reputation is poor, it takes time to turn this around. I do not want any business to think that they can do this in a matter of a few days. In most cases, it takes several months or even a year or more to turn this reputation around. The good news is that you can utilize social media to make a difference!

This is just one of the aspects that I personally handle for companies and it is a multi-layered approach to doing so. For instance:

- I may start a content outreach in which valuable content is added and branded for the purpose of showcasing the company’s expertise in an area.

- Social media posts are going to become more customer focused. You want interaction with your posts to showcase your customer service.

- Reaching out to new followers is always an option and one that takes time to build, but it can help you to show that you are a company that deserves attention and thought!

Personally, I have handled a few businesses that needed a complete overhaul as their online reputation was horrible. It can be done, but it will not be easy. What I have found is that most businesses are simply too busy with the actual product or service they offer to pay much attention to this. However, it will lead to the end of a business if it is not taken care of. For those who are struggling with this aspect, reach out and we can help!

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