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The Best Walking Dead Moments

Walking Dead returns this fall which will be the show's 100th episode. In honor of Walking Dead's approaching 100th episode and upcoming season 8, I wanted to make my own list of Walking Dead's best moments. It's been a long journey!

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1. When Beth and Daryl drank moonshine and burned down the cabin-This was one of my absolute favorite episodes of the entire series. I loved how Daryl opened up his past and Beth talked about her dreams and hopes. It was so emotional to watch them share their hurts and feelings with one another. It was so symbolic when they burned down the moonshine shack together. And the end was perfect when they flipped off the cabin.

13. Morgan's flashback-This tear jerking episode gives us a flashback of how Morgan became the badass yet level headed martial artist. We see Morgan befriend Eastman who helps guide him back to his humanity and pull him out of his insanity. Eastman describing how everyone can heal, some more than others but that they can heal made me cry like a baby. This is one of Walking Dead's best emotional episodes.

14. All of the Hershel Greene moments. He was wise and loyal. He often helped steer Rick when he was slipping and he was a loving father to Beth and Maggie. As Daryl said once, he was a tough son of a bitch. His death was one of the saddest in the Walking Dead.

15. Maggie and Sasha's friendship-Their friendship was one of the best things on the Walking Dead. Sasha and Maggie looked out for each other when they lost the prison and when they were walking on the road for weeks. Maggie encouraged Sasha by telling her she was going to make it, they both were. Sasha saved Maggie and her baby by making sure she got to the Hilltop safely. Sasha was willing to do whatever it took to make sure that Maggie could stay there when the scumbag Gregory was going to kick them out. They both lost the men they loved. Sasha also didn't tell Maggie her plan of taking out Negan because she wanted her to stay safe. That's a real friendship right there.

17. When Rick said they could all come back and they weren't too far gone. This moment was so heartfelt and emotional. It expressed all the pain and suffering the characters went through to survive. It was also a great callback to Herschel's words saying they could all come back and weren't too far gone. Oh, my heart is breaking again!

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