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15 Signs Your A Television Lover

You don't just like television, you love TV! Here are 15 signs that you're a true television addict.

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1. You cry and mourn when your favorite character dies.

2. Your favorite TV show is your “Me time.” When your favorite tv show comes on, that’s YOUR show and your time to relax.

3. You make something special when your favorite show is returning for a new season. Whether it’s a dessert you found on Pinterest or snack food such as wings, this is a special occasion so you’re going all out with your food choices during your show's season premiere.

4. You literally cheer and shout when your favorite character succeeds or something good happens. Like when Shiva showed up in Walking Dead in season 7. You cheer like you’re watching a football game.

5. You talk to your TV. Whether you’re frustrated at what a character is doing or something in the plot, you will cuss, yell, and talk to your television.

6. You're still not over your favorite character’s death and never will be.

7. You get giddy when your favorite couple finally gets together.

8. You get angry if your favorite couple is still not together yet.

9. You "aww" and instantly feel happy when your favorite fictional couple shares tender moments.

10. You never miss your show. If it’s on an streaming service, you binge, if it’s on cable and you can’t physically be there, you record it.

11. You own at least one tee shirt related to your favorite television show

12. You're in love with fictional characters.

13. You wanna give your favorite characters a hug when their having a hard time.

14. You don't know how to feel when your favorite show ends.

15. And then when your favorite TV show does end, you find a new one and thus starts the feelings and emotions of being a TV fan all over again.

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