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Why You Should Be Following Tracee Ellis Ross On Instagram

Everyone needs a little bit of her flawlessness in their life.

The truth is, ever since Girlfriends left the air, there just hasn't been enough Tracee Ellis Ross in your life.

Thankfully, she's on Instagram and we can all get a little dose of her flawlessness every day.

You probably know this already but she is a bit of a fashion icon.

She can pull off some really hard looks.

Her hair is always glorious.

And she absolutely slays the lipstick game.

She rocks all different kinds of looks.

And even her casual outfits are effortlessly fabulous.

She is the queen of accessories.

#TBT is always great because, you know, HER MOM IS DIANA ROSS.

Oh, what's this? Just a #TBT pic taken by ANDY WARHOL.

(Sidebar: you really don't need #TBT to see that she truly is her mother's daughter. This photo of Tracee is unreal!)

(Second sidebar: can we talk about how ridiculously beautiful her whole damn family is?!?!)

In addition to her gorgeous family, she has some equally gorgeous friends.

And this photo of Tracee and Kanye hanging out might remind you that she had one of the best cameos in a Kanye video of all time. OF ALL TIME.

And when she's not spending her time being a jaw-dropping icon....

...she's doing the very important work of interviewing this adorable dog.
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