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Why Jesse Williams Is Actually The Most Perfect Man Alive

*fans self*

OK can we talk about this man for a little bit?

First of all, he's always naked in everything he does.


I mean....

No one is complaining. Zero complaints.

Bless you, Shonda Rhimes.

He's been in everything from smaller comedies like Cabin in the Woods to more dramatic films like The Butler, but you probably know him best as Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey's Anatomy.

Move aside McDreamy and McSteamy, DR. AVERY IS WHERE IT'S AT.

Just look at him and April. Whew! *Fans self*

Admit it, you kind of want to get married and run away with him.



Also, he does this thing with his unbelievably piercing eyes where he basically undresses you with his gaze.

Yes. Please.



Also, A+ glasses.

He's an incredibly sharp dresser.

Here he is in a hat. This could've turned out horribly but it didn't. A+ hat.

He even pulls off the impossible to pull off short-sleeved button up. Literally no other man should even attempt this.

His shoe game is on point.

The set decorator of Grey's Anatomy even added this piece to Dr. Avery's apartment because of his reputation for being dapper as fuck.

We all know how much @iJesseWilliams loves his shoes so we added this touch to his Grey's apartment :-) #GAsets

Even when he's just hanging out all casual and whatnot he looks like a rugged Ken doll.

You can't even be mad at whatever is happening here with this jacket situation. Just look at that face.

OK, I have no idea what's even happening here, but sure why not.

Also, here he is with slightly longer hair.

And here he is with some crazy sideburns?!?

W/ @RichardWBlake RT @GabrielleTells: Burns Baby Burns @iJesseWilliams

And here he is with a lil' fro modeling his luscious, moisturized lips. You're welcome.

But perhaps the sexiest thing about Jesse Williams is...

...his brilliance.

View this video on YouTube


He spoke about the criminalization of the black body after the murder of Jordan Davis garnered national attention.

...his love and devotion to his wife.

...his continued commitment to examining the representations of black men.

He's also a sharp writer and cultural critic.

So basically in addition to being a flawless human being, he is also brilliant, passionate, and kind.


Courtside at the #NBAAllStar Game @NBAonTNT, @iJesseWilliams & @michaelb4jordan!