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    What It's Like Being A Black Student At A Mostly White College

    Students from UCLA's law school shared their stories in this video to "raise awareness of the disturbing emotional toll placed upon students of color" in predominantly white institutions.

    A group of black students at the UCLA School of Law create this video called "33," a reference to the total number of black students in the school's 1,100-member student body.

    Black students make up 3% of the law school student body, as compared to 13% of the nation.

    In the emotional video, the law students share stories about their continued frustrations with their experiences inside and outside the classroom.

    "I am so tired of being on this campus everyday and having to plead my humanity, essentially, to other students. I feel like an outsider constantly. I don't feel like at my own school I can solely focus on being a student."

    "It feels isolating. It feels horrible. It feels like there's a lot of pressure on me. It feels like I don't belong. It feels unwelcoming and hostile."

    "I've never felt the burden before to have to represent my community until I came to law school. It's not a good feeling to have."

    "It's a constant burden of pressure. I'm constantly policing myself, just being aware of what I say and how it can be interpreted because I essentially am the representation of the black community."

    "When you talk about diversity on campus, it turns into a political or ideological debate. You forget who it's really about, you forget the people, you forget what it's like on the ground and no one pays attention to the 33."

    Watch the full video here:

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