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    27 Times Tumblr Hilariously Captured The Struggle Of Being Broke

    The struggle in your pockets is so real right now.

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    1. When you've realized you spent way too much money over the weekend:

    2. When that direct deposit hits:

    3. When you realize college is a joke:

    4. When you're tryna flex:

    5. When someone is trying to tell about your finances:

    6. When you get your bank statement:

    7. When you think about economic inequality:

    8. When you think about the price of eating out:

    9. When you're trying to cut corners:

    10. When you're just trying to make it through the checkout line:

    11. When you realize you're in the company of people who don't know the importance of being frugal:

    12. When you get creative with storage containers:

    13. When you're just trying to have a good time and you begin to feel so attacked:

    14. When Sallie Mae hits you up:

    Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via

    15. When your coupon game is on point:

    16. When you're just tryna live:

    17. When you realize you're being profiled:

    18. When you're tryna be on your conspicuous consumption flow:

    19. When you decide it's OK to team up with a burglar:

    20. When you realize the economy ain't shit:

    21. When it feels like the ATM is mocking you:

    22. When you realize this is your life:

    23. When your friends just don't understand:

    Toei Animation / Via

    24. When you're silently praying that your debit card doesn't fail you:

    25. When that rent is due:

    Comedy Partners / Comedy Central / Via

    26. When you're listening to your friends make elaborate plans:

    27. And when you get a little bit of money and realize you're never gonna change:

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