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    21 Reasons Tumblr Is Obsessed With "Uptown Funk"

    Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' huge hit is really resonating with Tumblr.

    1. It has some incredible lyrics.

    2. It's the feel good jam we all needed.

    3. It's not ~problematic~ oh wait....

    Hahahaha JK. IT'S A GREAT SONG.

    4. Literally everyone and their mama loves it.

    5. It's a great way to express your love for someone.

    6. And for yourself.

    7. It takes over your life.

    8. It will give you the strength to conquer anything.

    9. It pairs perfectly with all of Tumblr's favorite fandoms.

    10. And classic art.

    11. Even Aesthetic Tumblr(TM) is totally into it.

    12. There's no corner of life where this song won't find you.

    13. This is probably an accurate representation of how Bruno Mars' barber talks to him.

    14. And even though it never stops playing on the radio, no one can even be mad.

    15. Also, Fall Out Boy did a cover.

    View this video on YouTube

    16. And now the FOB version is also taking over everyone's life.

    17. There are so many incredible covers we haven't even heard yet.

    18. It tests friendships.

    19. There's already a built-in way to respond to the joyless "Uptown Funk" haters.

    20. Even Satan's into it.

    21. And no matter your dancing skills, everyone always looks cool jamming to this song.

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