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33 Responses That Prove Tumblr Has The Best Users Ever

Why are we even on this dumb website??? These gems.

1. This perfect description of periods.

2. This man living life to the fullest.

3. This Nice Guy victory.

4. This train wreck.

5. China's version of china.

6. The people ruining society.

7. The lessons Neopets taught us.

8. This Denny's clapback.

9. This perfect scale for human innovation.

10. This incredible feat of face contortion.

11. This perfect response to people who think men's opinions matter.

12. This beautifully executed response to racist anon garbage.

13. This cold, not hard truth.

14. This artifact of late-stage capitalism.

15. This bloop.

16. This budding author.

17. This single person's struggle.

18. This stripper's flawless response.

19. This pun that went too far.

20. Actually, all puns.

21. This accurate description of GameStop.

22. This person who came to terms with their mistake.

23. This battle of the search engines.

24. "Not all dogs"

25. This smackdown.

26. This important reminder to read the URLs.

27. This person getting knocked off their high horse.

28. This fabulous sandwich.

29. This person who is both anti-feminist and an atheist.

30. This explanation of "8/7c."

31. This exchange that went from public restrooms to existential despair and back to petty.

32. This easily countered lie.

33. And this treatise on what is wrong with this website.

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