19 Times You've Declared You Were Done With Twitter

    "I'm so done with Twitter." – you at least once a day

    1. This dismissal:

    2. This imagining of a white person's day:

    3. This prayer request:

    4. This McDonald's logic:

    5. This phone call:

    6. This self-defense tactic:

    7. This haircut request:

    8. This doppleganger:

    9. This great achievement:

    10. These ill sneakers:

    11. This burning question:

    12. This secret plan:

    13. This dating strategy:

    14. This damning side-by-side:

    15. This plea for assistance:

    16. This thought that someone actually had:

    17. This freshly printed hairline:

    18. This presidential photo shoot:

    19. This historical side-eye: