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    23 Times You've Declared You Were Done With Tumblr

    What even is this website and why are we on it so much?!

    1. When this face swap happened:

    2. When this frog and goldfish situation existed:

    3. When you thought about poop:

    4. When these sponges were used for non-sponge purposes:

    5. When someone described sex like this:

    6. When this rabbit was just too much:

    7. When someone perfectly described the things that turn you on:

    8. When this work of art existed:

    9. When this comparison was made:

    10. When someone made this timeline:

    11. When someone went for this pun:

    12. When this read happened:

    13. When straight people sex existed:

    14. When someone had the nerve to misidentify this fire hydrant:

    15. And this human:

    16. When someone explained “8/7c”

    17. When someone had this thought:

    18. When you thought about the giant squirrel:

    19. When this party happened:

    20. When these bloggers existed:

    21. When this perfect couple existed:

    22. When these lyrics were too real:

    23. And this screenshot of a screenshot of infinity: