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    24 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Men

    And now for Tumblr's favorite source of humor: white boys, straight boys, all boys really. Bloop.

    1. On their unofficial uniform:

    2. On the truth behind this common expression:

    3. On the reason they never stop talking:

    4. On their favorite photo shoots:

    5. On their favorite activity:

    6. On the messages they actually send people:

    7. On the nerve of their sartorial criticism:

    8. On "not all men":

    9. On their moaning-noises phase:

    10. On the abundance of their literature:

    11. On their revealing hats:

    12. On video games:

    13. On their real thoughts:

    14. On their selfie game:

    15. On biological arguments:

    16. On the word we've all been seeking:

    17. On body hair:

    18. On their texting strategy:

    19. And when those texting strategies bleed into real life:

    20. On these tired sentences:

    21. On "love songs":

    22. On the language of men's rights activists:

    23. On the screening system we've all developed to weed out garbage men:

    24. And on their ability to take a joke:

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