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27 Times Tumblr Captured How You Feel About Dating

*Flails everywhere*

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1. On developing a crush:

2. On flirting:

3. On sex:

4. On the single struggle:

5. On all of the incredible things you bring to the table:

6. On your relationship with relationships:

7. On spotting your crush in public:

8. On the things crushes do to you:

9. On your attempt at romance:

10. On boys:

11. On the struggle of not being able to tell other people's sexualities:

12. And the need for a secret code:

13. On the stages of wanting a bf:

14. On your seduction skills:

15. On your single life:

16. On the perfect strategy to start a realtionship:

17. On this very important message:

18. And this very inspirational reminder:

19. On reading between the text lines:

20. On your online dating profile:

21. And the totally not suspicious dudes you meet:

22. On the modern romance that awaits you:

23. On the wild things people will say:

24. On a better dating website:

25. On your relationship expectations:

26. On your idea of a healthy relationship:

27. On dating:

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