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23 Times Mindy Kaling Perfectly Captured Your Angst

"Best friend isn't a person, it's a tier." In a parallel universe, you are a part of this tier.

1. When she describes your bootylicious bod:

2. When she describes all your "Am I doing this grown woman thing right?" feels:

3. When she talks about your vague Eat, Pray, Love aspirations:

4. When she describes your love life:

5. When she captures what you want to say to the world literally every day:

6. When she captures all your regrets about not listening to your mom:

7. When she describes the sometimes bloody adventure that is your morning routine:

8. When she describes that beautiful moment when you realize you haven't seen another human:

9. When she says what you can't to your co-workers:

10. When she describes your glass case emotions:

11. When she describes that moment of just wanting to be included but pretending it doesn't phase you:

12. When she captures how cool you are when you go out:

13. When she holds it down for the brown girls but simultaneously refuses to be undermined by one who's trying to steal her man:

14. When she describes the weirdness of trying to make friends as an adult:

15. When she captures the life of being a a flawless human in a world that's always trying to undermine you:

16. When you're drunk and pretending your life is a romantic comedy:

17. When you get those eager first day of school jitters just in life:

18. When you are on the brink of a being a victim of a single white female situation:

19. When you're *that* person at the event:

20. When she captures navigating through this thing we call life:

21. When she describes your life mantra:

22. When she describes all your "What am I even doing with my life?" ennui:

23. When she captures literally all that you're feeling without even using words:

Oh, and all of that while remaining just goddamn flawless.

Ughh seriously, Mindy, can we just be BFFs??

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