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31 Things You Have To Deal With As The Only Black Person In Your Office

Please, for the love of God, stop trying to "raise the roof."

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9. You've been told you look like [insert any black pop culture figure here], whether or not you look like them. At all.

You smile and take it as a compliment but you've begun to take note of all the co-workers who have LITERALLY NEVER LOOKED AT YOUR FACE.

12. Co-workers who never talk to you about the news ask you about stories like Trayvon Martin's death.

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Or whenever a Sad Black Movie™ comes out, they are sure to let you know they saw it. As if you would want to discuss any of these traumas with them.

If only you could carry this girl in your pocket.

21. You catch whispers of the suggestion that you were an "affirmative action hire" and somehow unqualified to be there.

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You refrain from asking them what it's like to swim in their own mediocrity to save them from any more embarrassment.

24. Even though it's a dumb stereotype, you do feel some type of way about eating things like fried chicken or watermelon in the office.

27. And the severe bugging of their eyes when you say you're ambivalent about The Beatles/The Stones/Neutral Milk Hotel.

28. The uncomfortable moment when there is some sort of music and dance situation with your co-workers and people look at you like you're Rhythm McGee.

Next time someone says something like this to you, just pull an Aziz Ansari.

30. When you're "the only one of" anything SO MUCH ENERGY goes into analyzing and trying to understand what's happening around you, even if everything is "fine."

You have no one to confer with so you can't tell if you're being sensitive or imagining things or what. And that mental toll — the amount of energy it takes to analyze everything around you — takes away from your ability to actually do your work.

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