26 Things To Remember If You’re Ever Feeling Down

Er, according to Tumblr.

1. Remember this description of Benedict Cumberbatch:

2. Remember Sir Isaac Newton:

3. Remember the 2014 Winter Olympics slogan:

5. Remember you are already doing amazing:

6. Remember this flag maker:

7. Remember you would make an awesome fictional character:

8. Remember the first cloned cat:

10. Remember Lord of The Rings director Peter Jackson:

14. Remember this Ohio driver:

15. Remember who you’re not:

16. Remember the joy of throwing things:

17. Remember Jesus:

18. Remember Gilderoy Lockhart:

19. Remember this tree:

20. Remember this work of literature:

22. Remember the Austrian army:

23. Remember this brother:

24. Remember the old razzle dazzle:

26. And remember, there is always someone cheering you on.

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