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25 Things Every African Immigrant Can Relate To

Whether you're fresh of the boat or a second generation immigrant, if your family is from anywhere in sub-saharan Africa, you can probably relate.

1. Your parents always talk about how they had to walk 5,000 miles to get to school. Barefoot. Across a mountain. With a goat.

2. You always dreaded the first day of school.

3. The kids in your class always asked you ridiculously stupid questions.

Or other equally ignorant questions like "Did you have a pet lion?"

"Do you know [insert any random thing from the entire continent]?"

4. It's always interesting to see when Americans become interested in your country.

5. And you wonder if the Americans notice that you are making fun of them...

6. Growing up, your parents always lectured you about hard work. Meanwhile…

7. They always bring up marriage but refuse to allow you to leave the house.

8. Also, LOL "privacy"

9. LOL "allowance"

10. LOL "going out", "having friends", "doing anything besides school work"

11. You have at least one uncle like this.

12. And an aunt that is always gossiping with your mom.

13. There's also that awkward moment when you find your cousins from back home on Facebook...

14. This definitely happens at every family reunion.

15. In your household, Cocoa butter never went to waste.

16. The dishwasher has never actually been used.

17. Whenever your parents chastised you, they always blamed it on the influence of the one American celebrity they know.

18. Or insulted you by calling you a goat...or some other animal.

19. Your parents never let you celebrate halloween.

20. Your mom forced you to learn how to cook. And you're so grateful.

21. You've watched so many bad african movies where they all make the same "acting" face.

So many...

So, so many....

22. Every summer, there are a million weddings. And everyone always looks flawless.

Flaw. Less.

23. No one can touch your dance moves.

via Tumblr

24. You tell people you're African, but you have a feeling they don't understand how big and diverse the continent is.

They have no idea.

25. And as annoying as your parents quirks are, you love making them proud.

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