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    Posted on May 7, 2013

    The 14 Weirdest Things People Put In Their Gauges

    Did you know stretched earlobes also double as personal storage units?

    These are stretched earlobes.

    As demonstrated in this definitely real photo of President Obama.

    Plugs come in various gauge sizes and colors.

    And people have a lot of fun with this piercing.

    1. But did you know this piercing also doubles as a storage unit?

    2. Like for that flip phone you don't know what to do with anymore.

    3. Or your pet lizard.

    4. Why put a pencil behind your ear when it can go through your ear?

    5. They can turn you into a human christmas tree.

    6. Or make for a sensual smoking experience.

    Or just a place to store your cigarettes if you don't have any pockets or whatever.

    7. They're a foolproof way to never lose your sunglasses.

    8. Or the gym lock you're always forgetting.

    9. They're great for storing flowers from your lover as you both dance into the sunset.

    10. They also make the best party accessory.

    So many glow sticks, so little time.

    11. They make great tiny little gum ball machines.

    12. And can even turn everyday items into fun times. DIY crazy straws, anyone?

    13. Or maybe sometimes you just want to casually wear shotgun shells.

    14. But let's be honest, the perfect gauge situation is DOUGHNUTS:

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