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    The 45 Best Twitter Reactions To The Death Of Hostess

    After the announcement of Hostess' liquidation, people took to twitter to mourn.


    I'm not kidding. If Hostess goes under I will mourn. And wear a black arm band. In the shape of a Chocodile. Then, I will try to eat it.

    — Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) November 16, 2012


    BREAKING: Kardashians panic as chocolate Ding Dongs discontinued

    — Eli Braden (@EliBraden) November 16, 2012


    Anybody really care about the ‘fiscal cliff’ when there is a ‘Ding Dong Cliff’ looming? Yikes!!

    — Dale Murphy (@DaleMurphy3) November 16, 2012


    First Mitt, now the Twinkie. Farewell, spongy, bland, artificial remnants of another era.

    — Guy Nicolucci (@Nicolucci1899) November 16, 2012


    Oh Hostess, help was on the way! Pot is legal now!

    — Francis Lam (@Francis_Lam) November 16, 2012


    RIP Hostess. Eating a turducken of Twinkies and Ho Hos wrapped in Wonder Bread in your memory.

    — Ruth Bourdain (@RuthBourdain) November 16, 2012


    The worst part about the #Hostess liquidation? The#Twinkies brand will be sold, and will now be cheap, low-quality junk.Oh wait...

    — Peter Hull (@phoikoi) November 16, 2012


    In my last tweet, my phone autocorrected "Twinkies" to "Twinkles." I guess Apple wasted no time in trying to pretend Twinkies never existed.

    — Mark Titus (@clubtrillion) November 16, 2012


    *looks at sign in restaurant* "Please Wait for Hostess" *bursts into tears*

    — keptsimple (@kept_simple) November 16, 2012


    Seriously tho, hostess cakes will always have a special place in my heart,& im not just saying that cause theyre blocking my arteries

    — rj von deezingtwo (@rjd2) November 16, 2012


    Twinkies cakes are made w/ love just like Mom's.. also, mono & di glycerides, Polysorbate 60, hydrogentd shortning & cellulose gum like meth

    — alan tudyk (@alan_tudyk) November 16, 2012


    Lesson learned last night - my memory of the taste of Twinkies is much better than the actual taste of Twinkies.

    — Amy Bruni (@amybruni) November 16, 2012


    You Nutella hipsters killed Hostess.

    — Teeny Katt (@TeenyKatt) November 16, 2012


    Going to camp outside of Whole Foods and yell "I BLAME YOU! HOW CAN YOU SLEEP WITH TWINKIES BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS?!" at everyone going inside.

    — Stephanie McMaster (@Smethanie) November 16, 2012


    I miss my mom never buying me twinkies already.

    — Benjamin Gibbard (@Gibbstack) November 16, 2012


    Stop crying about twinkies. There's vodka. There's still lots and lots of vodka.

    — (Insert Name Here) (@MateoNY23) November 17, 2012


    A world without Twinkies was the original pitch for Revolution. NBC changed it because it seemed too impossible. The aftermath too savage.

    — Andrew Miller (@MillerLoLife) November 16, 2012


    #Twinkies are gone & with one fell swoop, Zombieland is now a period piece.

    — Michael Brown (@MichaelBrown) November 17, 2012


    Didn't get it at the time but those scenes of Lincoln cramming Hostess Zingers into his mouth now seem oddly prescient. Kudos, Spielberg

    — Adam Graham (@grahamorama) November 16, 2012


    Worst part about #Hostess news is now that smug &$*%! Little Debbie gets to walk around like she's God's gift to snack cakes.

    — Peter Hartlaub (@peterhartlaub) November 16, 2012


    I'm thinking we should start a bootleg bakery that makes clandestine Twinkies. We'll call ourselves "Twinkshiners". Who's in?

    — John Beerencamp (@BourbonHabit) November 17, 2012


    I found a good recipe for Twinkies, but it's really hard to replicate the self loathing.

    — Christian A. Dumais (@PuffChrissy) November 18, 2012


    Hostess has always made me liquidate

    — Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) November 16, 2012


    Hostess was Michelle Obama’s Osama bin Laden.

    — Steven Amiri (@StevenAmiri) November 16, 2012


    Why do banks get a bailout and Hostess doesn't? They've both been accused of causing inflation.

    — Indecision (@indecision) November 16, 2012


    You misspelled "delicious." RT @darrenrovell: I'd say the most shocking ingredient in a Twinkie is probably "beef fat"

    — Kelly Dwyer (@KDonhoops) November 16, 2012


    "Hostess workers won't cross the line / Israel bombs Palestine" - Billy Joel, We Didn't Start the Fire '12

    — Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) November 16, 2012


    The problem w Hostess going out of business ? What are stoners gonna eat. People please--THINK ABOUT THE STONERS.

    — Colin Cowherd (@ESPN_Colin) November 16, 2012


    God took away our Twinkies for what we did to Guy Fieri.

    — Alex Blagg (@alexblagg) November 16, 2012


    'Every time the Hostess Company closes, a coronary artery gets their wings'

    — Babe Parker (@BabeParker) November 16, 2012


    There is no need to stock up on Twinkies when hundreds of them are still intact inside your stomach.

    — Rob Sprance (@RobSprance) November 16, 2012


    horrible news, a poison factory unable to properly compensate its workers has gone out of business

    — max read (@max_read) November 16, 2012


    It's pretty clear that the Hostess plants closing is upsetting people more than Gaza, the elections, or global warming combined.

    — Hannah Elisabeth (@mybigblondelife) November 18, 2012


    Now that Hostess is going outta business Taco Bell will officially control 100% of the stoner market. #Munchies

    — Frat Boys of Comedy(@FratBoysComedy) November 17, 2012


    All of the cars are starting to look like Hostess products and the people look like Twinkies. This is going to be harder than I thought.

    — Ryan (@ryaninco) November 17, 2012


    Twinkies contain polysorbate 60--a highly flammable material that was used in grenades during the Vietnam War. You'll live without Hostess.

    — ☪ori ☥☼ॐ☼☥ Shea (@theCoriShea) November 17, 2012


    Hostess announced they’re going out of business. Rest assured, the leftover preservatives will be injected into the faces of Real Housewives

    — The Soup (@TheSoup) November 16, 2012


    Hostess says it's laying off all employees, and thousands of blond restaurant greeters wake up thinking they've lost their jobs

    — Brian Essbe (@SortaBadass) November 16, 2012


    I will never forget the first time I put Ding Dongs in my mouth. #hostess

    — Betty F*ckin' White (@BettyFckinWhite) November 16, 2012


    RIP Twinkies. You were like a brother from another chemically processed mother. #hostess

    — McRib Sandwich (@McRibSandwich) November 17, 2012


    Without Wonder Bread, how will we know when white people are being really white? #hostess

    — Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) November 16, 2012


    Being phallic-shaped, cream-filled and good with rope, Twinkie the Kid's post-Hostess career seems predetermined.

    — Stephanie McMaster (@Smethanie) November 16, 2012


    According to the market as of now, I've eaten 3.7 million dollars worth of Twinkies in my entire life.

    — Pauly Casillas (@PaulyPeligroso) November 18, 2012


    I wonder how much they want for that machine that shoots the creamy filling into the Twinkies?

    — Just Bill (@WilliamAder) November 17, 2012


    Stat: Percentage of Twitter users who don't understand how bankruptcy and liquidation work: EVERYONE, APPARENTLY #Hostess #TwinkiesAreSafe

    — Nathan T. Wright (@nathantwright) November 16, 2012